License choice of the work product from Brookins Consulting is simply one of freedom for our customers long term financial interest.

GNU Logo

GNU Logo

Life is about choice

  1. Freedom to use.
  2. Freedom to remain private

By choice Brookins Consulting licenses our completed work product per customer needs. If a customer needs the freedoms provided by a free or open license then we are happy to help them leverage these freedoms to help them reach their long term goals on budget. If another customer happens to need the freedom to remain private with the work product then we are happy to accommodate.

Code Licenses

Our choice in general software licenses boils down to community vs functionality. We support many people's individuality still by example most of our work product is licensed publicly distributed as GPL (by any v2+ version where possible).

  • GPLv2 - General Public License (Version 2)
  • GPLv2-only - General Public License (Version 2 Only)
  • GPLv2+ - General Public License (Version 2 or greater)
  • GPLv3 - General Public License (Version 3)
  • GPLv3+ - General Public License (Version 3 or greater)
  • MIT

Documentation Licenses

  • GFDL - GNU Free Documentation License

Special Mention

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