Brookins Consulting's eZ Publish Core Contributions

BC's Family of eZ Product Improvements

BC's Family of eZ Product Improvements

Brookins Consulting has a long term extensive history of proposed and accepted upstream improvements in the form of work product contributions in both code and documentation form to the eZ Systems' eZ Community of Software (eZ Publish, eZ Platform).

eZ Publish 5 CMS Core Contributions

eZ Publish : eZ Tags


eZ Publish : Community : BC CIE

Brookins Consulting maintains this product. Most of our work was previously not in individual pull request.

eZ Publish : Community : wkhtmltopdf

eZ Publish 5 : Community : NetgenEnhancedSelectionBundle

eZ Publish : Community : NXC Social Networks

eZ Publish : Community : OW Simple Operator

eZ Publish : Community : SQLi Import

eZ Publish : Community : NL Cronjobs

eZ Publish : Community : eZ Change Class

eZ Publish : Community : AdminAid

eZ Publish : Community :

eZ Publish 3 CMS Core Contributions

eZ Publish 3 CMS Extension Contributions

  • eZ Authorize - Created and distributed by Brookins Consulting. eZ Authorize provided a completely functional out of the box solution to accept credit card payments through the service This software provided North American eZ Publish Commerce websites payment acceptance solutions with minimal setup. It was well received by the community at large and frequently used all over the internet where e-commerce stores are using eZ Publish.
  • eZ GPG - Created and distributed by Brookins Consulting. eZ GPG provided a easy to use solution to encrypt and decrypt information within eZ Publish out of the box. It too was well received by the community at large and included in others derived works (other separate eZ Publish extensions). The functionality eZ GPG provides was also at a later point in time shortly after it's release was made a optional dependency to eZ Authorize extension and used to provide encryption and storage of information. This allowed customers of the store to store payment information on-site in the eZ database for later reuse (Ie: Re-Order, Subscriptions, Etc)).

Education Articles

Ecosystem Articles

Brookins Consulting supports the Ecosystem's continued development of user, administrator and software developer documentation through eZpedia.

Historical Records

Brookins Consulting has contributed to the eZ Community so long some of our valuable code contributions no longer have web accessible resources (from older eras of the web) including private cvs repositories, private svn repositories, defunct public svn repositories, google code, mailing lists, community websites and so much more.

From each erra of eZ (v2, v3, v4, v5, v6) there have been key contributions made by Brookins Consulting.

While older resources fade from the web we continue to do our very best to continue to create for the people we care for most.

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