Brookins Consulting, Leading certified silver eZ Publish Partner serving customers worldwide since 2001. Formed to leverage Free Software to deliver complete solutions which always deliver results which exceed our customer's web application needs.

Offering expert eZ Publish services including training, e-commerce, hosting, server administration, project management and development.

We have the experience and expertise to deliver satisfaction and help you dependably reach your goals.

Content Management Systems

We offer CMS custom development, maintenance and general hands on support.

There are almost as many different content management systems available as you could imagine. Each system unique from the last.

Brookins Consulting has experience developing custom solutions using the best and brightest of web application software. We help guide you through the maze of requirements towards the very best solution tailored towards your needs.

Frameworks and Content Management System

  • eZ Publish
  • Symfony
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • CodeIgnighter
  • Blaze


The leading eZ systems partner in the USA. Brookins Consulting has been developing eZ publish business solutions, installation, training and consulting services since the very beginning.
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Founding contributors to the eZ Publish Community Documentation Wiki, eZpedia

Brookins Consulting is certified by eZ system's to provide advanced eZ Publish and eZ Publish Now development creating the finest eZ Publish advanced solutions like e-commerce, server administration and custom development. Thinking eZ, choose BCWith decades of combined experience we are Open Source experts!


Brookins Consulting's investment and commitment to the eZ Ecosystem are unmistakably evident through our portfolio of products.

Brookins Consulting, One of the most experienced certified eZ Publish Developers in North America.

Brookins Consulting continues to deliver simple effective eZ Publish solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs worldwide.

With a long standing history of eZ Publish community projects, contributions, forum support, documentation and development we continue to support and extend existing solutions integral to customer needs and business concerns.


Google Analytics offers a complete rich offering of statistics reporting features and reports. BC Website Statistics provides the client side script needed for eZ Publish Shop to transmit statistics to the Google Analytics service. Read more about our services, products and solutions

When you need experience, Think eZ, choose Brookins Consulting. We are prepared to guide you from ideas to solutions creating success for you, fast.

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