Extensions and Add-Ons

We offer a feature rich collection of extensions and add-ons to the eZ Platform and eZ Publish CMSs

BC Software Add-ons and Extensions

BC Products for eZ Platform

Brookins Consulting is supporting the continued advancement of the solutions publicly available for eZ Platform users in the eZ Ecosystem.

BC Page Data provides for passing data within templates
BC Document Reader provides for detection of uploaded file content and display of hyperlinked application icon which links to the download location of the file application which can read the downloadable file
BC Error Pages provides ready to use clean user friendly templates for application error pages preventing users from accidentally seeing ugly error pages
BC Lower Case Url Alias provides for clean user friendly lower case url transformation tools to convert and serve all website web pages using lower case urls
BC Remove Translation provides Symfony command line commands that flexibly remove translations from content which are not needed

These are just a few of our eZ Platform products developed for individual customer needs.

We can build new software which meets your individual needs. Contact us today for more information.

BC Products for eZ Publish Platform Legacy

We have developed and released many more past products throughout our company's history.

If you have questions about our products and services, or simply need more information: Contact us, and send your message.

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