Brookins Consulting's investment and commitment to the eZ Ecosystem are unmistakably evident through our portfolio of products.


Brookins Consulting continues to deliver both simple effective eZ Platform™ and eZ Publish™ solutions delivering success to a wide range of customers worldwide.

With a long standing history of eZ community contributions, development support, documentation, software development, distribution we continue to support and extend existing website software integral to customer needs and business concerns.

BC Products for eZ Platform Symfony

Brookins Consulting is supports the continued advancement of the publicly available solutions for eZ Platform users in the eZ Ecosystem.

  • BC Page Data
  • BC Document Reader
  • BC Error Pages
  • BC Lower Case Url Alias
  • BC Remove Translation

These are just a few of our eZ Platform products developed for individual customer needs.

We can build new software which meets your individual needs. Contact us today for more information.

Community Websites

We foster the growth of the community through the continued hosting and development of community websites.

Legacy Products

We have developed and released many more past products throughout our company's history.